Optomech is now offering breadboards from own production. The special feature: several of these plates can be combined with connection elements without shifting! This allows you to easily adapt the size of your mounting plate to the specific test setup. One breadboard has a size of 300×200 mm. Each of the four sides can be connected to another breadboard.

Modular aluminum breadboards new in the Optomech Shop

Components for connecting the breadboards

Breadboards – also known as mounting plates or perforated plates – are the ideal basis for experimental setups because optical elements can be precisely aligned on them. This is why breadboards are often used for experiments in research and development. Working with a mounting plate makes it much easier to set up optical experiments. Especially in combination with motorized positioning stages, which can support a wide variety of test configurations. Our breadboards are easy to handle and are therefore flexibly available at the desired location – even in the cleanroom.

Some experimental setups are very small, others are larger. Perhaps a project requires a long, narrow mounting plate. The next project, however, will be a square surface. Instead of stocking many different breadboards, buy a few Optomech breadboards and the matching connection elements. Simply combine, screw and unscrew as required.

To protect your laboratory setup from possible vibrations, we also offer suitable rubber feet.

Modular aluminum breadboards new in the Optomech Shop

Two connected breadboards – assembly example with three connection elements.