Aluminum breadboard 300x200x12mm, M6 thread, expandable


Modular breadboard made of anodized aluminium. M6 threads. As a basis for optical test setups. Connect several plates or use them individually.


delivery time: 6-weeks

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Breadboards - also known as mounting plates or perforated plates - are the ideal basis for experimental setups because optical elements can be precisely aligned on them. This is why breadboards are often used in research and development. Working with a mounting plate makes it much easier to set up optical experiments. Especially in combination with motorized positioning stages, which can support a wide variety of test configurations. Our breadboards are portable and are therefore flexibly available at the desired location - even in the cleanroom.

Some experimental setups are very small, others are larger. Perhaps a project requires a long, narrow mounting plate. The next project, however, will be a square surface. Instead of stocking many different breadboards, buy a few Optomech breadboards and the matching connector elements. Simply combine, screw and unscrew as required.

  • Breadboard made of anodized aluminium. Can be used as stand-alone units or extended as required.
  • High-precision manufacturing.
  • One plate has the following dimensions: 300 x 200 x 12 mm
  • Hole spacing: 25 mm
  • Threaded holes: M6
  • Two surfaces available: clear anodized or black anodized (particularly low-reflection)
  • We recommend screwing the connection elements together twice from the underside. The plates are thus better aligned with each other - for the best possible stability and evenness of the overall structure.
  • It is also possible to fasten them with a screw from the top. This is an advantage if a test setup needs to be extended spontaneously without turning the plate over.
  • Additional protection against vibrations is provided by damping feet.