1/2 inch mirror holder, tension-free


Universal tension-free mirror holder for 1/2 inch (1/2”) mirrors. Suitable for a mirror thickness of 1,5 mm to 7 mm.

delivery time: 6-weeks

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  • Universal mirror holder for standard 1/2 inch (1/2'') mirrors.
  • High-precision manufacturing.
  • Tension-free fastening thanks to 3-point support.
  • The mirror holder is made from one piece. Therefore, there is no chain tolerance. In addition, high angular accuracy between the mirror surface and the mounting surface.
  • Low reflection thanks to black anodized aluminium and black PA12.
  • Ideal for mounting on our motorized positioning units such as the precision stage or the linear stage.
  • Matching mirror thickness: 1,5 mm - 7 mm.

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We also offer individual OEM - variants for your mirror mountings !