X-Stage OEM up to 30 mm travel

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Integration-capable maximum compact intuitive linearstage as OEM variant

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    • Maximum compact linear table for integration into own products and assemblies
    • Can be easily integrated into your application
    • Timeless design with simple control option
    • Easy to integrate into your superstructure
    • Two adjustable limit switches integrated
    • Available in two different lengths
    • Process travel up to 30 mm
    • Resolution 5 µm
    • Backlash when reversing direction 0.05 mm
    • maximum speed 40 mm/s
    • Details zum eingebauten Motor: LSA201S06-B-TDBA-102 - Externer Linearaktuator…… (nanotec.com)
    • Connection cable 1 m USB-C v3.1 is included. USB-C for motor side, USB-A for motor controller side
    • Easy connection with standard USB-C to USB-A cable (from v3.1) to our motor controller (optional accessories sold separately).
      Our motor controller is equipped with two buttons (direction) and a rotary knob (speed), for manual movement of the stage without higher-level control or PC.
      The motor controller can also be operated via USB on a PC with appropriate software. Details: CL4-E-1-12 - Motor Controller |… (nanotec.com)
    • Alternatively, simply use your existing stepper motor driver (motor controller) for control.
      For this purpose, we supply you with a PCB board for the USB-A side of the supplied connection cable for adaptation to your stepper motor driver (motor controller)

Further details can be found in the data sheet.

Additional information


up to 20 mm travel, up to 30 mm travel

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Development & Construction

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If required, we can provide you with the precision stage incl. Integrate accessories into your setup.

Please take a look at our range of services in the field of Development & Contruction.

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