Optics Design & FEM Calculation

Optomech supports you in all matters related to optics design & FEM calculation.

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Optics Design – Development, Computer Simulation, Tolerance Calculation

  • We analyze your optical requirements or take over your known system characteristics. From this we calculate your required optical system or optimize your existing
  • Our supported fields of application range from imaging optics to lighting systems, fiber and mirror optics to diffractive systems

As a result, you will receive a complete optics design with all tolerance specifications in accordance with DIN/ISO 10110, including adjustment specifications and recommendations for the versioning technology/design.

As a next step, we offer to develop and construct the necessary sockets/brackets.

OptikBerechnung3 OptikBerechnung2

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Resonance Frequency & Static Load

Resonance Frequency Analysis

  • FEM Analysis of your mechanical design
  • Checking for resonance frequencies of vibrations are in the range of the vibrations caused by the environment and thus image or beam quality are negatively affected.

Static load analysis

  • Simulation of static stress situations
  • Check for possible position deviation of optical components
    • due to external load
    • due to the dead weight of the optical components
  • Review of the expected voltages in the glass at selected sockets

As a result of both analyses, you will receive a detailed overall report as well as suggestions for design optimization, or a complete design.

As a next step, we offer to develop and construct your complete mechanical assembly.


Project Examples:

  • Optimisation of an objective revolver carrier

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Temperature Simulation

  • Thermal CFD Analysis
  • Temperature curve within components
  • Heat transfer between components of your design
  • Determination of acting forces on the components
  • Display of stresses in the component
  • Calculation of radii and distance changes for individual optical elements due to temperature influence
  • Checking critical temperatures and reaction times for lighting and laser beam guidance systems

Just as with the resonance frequency & static load, you will not only receive a detailed report as a result of the investigation, but also the proposals for design optimization or the complete design.

TempSimulationKamera1 TempSimulationKamera2

Project Examples:

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