Feedback on the conference on plastic optics for high-tech applicationsLast week Optomech took part in a very interesting conference organized by the Photonics Hub. It was about plastic optics for high-tech applications. Through this conference we have further expanded our network for plastic optics. We can now support our customers in the entire development process of components with plastic optics.
The process can look like this: The plastic lenses calculated and designed by Optomech can initially be diamond milled as a prototype at the company Innolite, the raw material in the form of blanks can be provided by the company SABIC. Bte Bedampfungstechnik or Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd can be commissioned for the surface coating.
Series production using the injection molding process can be carried out by VIAOPTIC. Arburg molds and machines are used for this. . Finally, aspherical surfaces can be measured without contact using measuring devices from ametek using the multi-wavelength interferometry method.