Optomech GmbH starts its product range with OEM components.
… and we would be happy to get feedback on the products offered from you.

The focus in the development of our products was above all on enabling the customer a compact and barrier-free integration into their own products or devices. This gives the customer maximum flexibility in his designs. The main focus was deliberately placed on the functionality of the assembly, so that components that are irrelevant for the function were replaced by inexpensive plastic parts or generally optimized away. As a result, the customer is offered a high-quality product at a reasonable price.
Equivalent stand-alone variants are also offered for all OEM components.

For the time being, three product groups will be offered for the market launch:

  • Objektives
  • Stages
  • Optomechanical components

This offer will be continuously expanded in the following months.

The first lensin the Optomech product range is a wide-angle AXION lens with a 120° field of view and an image diagonal of 13.4 mm. As an additional feature, the lens is IP68 waterproof (up to 1.5 m water depth) and therefore also suitable for underwater applications. The delivery is standard with a C-mount connector. A variety of other camera interfaces are also available on customer request. In the standard version, the OEM version has an M20x1 connection with an outer diameter of 26 mm (incl. sealing ring).

As a positioning unit, a precision linear table is available at the beginning, which was developed on the functional principle of a solid-state joint.
With these 45 mm x 45 mm stages, we offer our customers maximum flexibility. The travel (0.4 mm to 1.4 mm) and the interface required for control can be easily selected in the shop. In the OEM version (PS), the table is also only 15.6 mm high and consists of a total of four components including the motor.
In the stand-alone version (PSSA) we offer our customer the possibility to fasten the table from above with M3 screws or from below using M4 screws. The plastic outer housing does not affect functionality and only serves as a cover.

In addition to the linear tables described above, we offer the first optomechanical components as an optional accessory. We offer our tension free mounting of deflection mirrors in two sizes at the start. The innovative thing about our product is the well thought-out design of the bracket. The positioning and angular accuracy is defined exclusively by the internal structure “Insert”. The mirror is guaranteed to be fixed without tension. The plastic housing in conjunction with the fixing plate is only used for fixation. The ½“ version corresponds directly to the OEM version due to the identical base area (45 mm x 45 mm). Due to this structure, a maximum short tolerance chain is achieved.

We would like to expand or adapt our product range based on your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact me directly with your wishes or suggestions for improvement to info@optomech.de, or via hermann@optomech.de.

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