Dear interested parties, Happy New Year 2024!

We hope you were able to spend a few wonderful days with your loved ones.

The company Optomech GmbH plans to expand its catalog products this year.
We currently offer the compact ruler and rotary tables with integrated controls that can be controlled directly from a computer. Next planned are a lifting table and a tilting table. At the same time, we want to add the next size to the tables and start with the rotary table. In addition to the current 70 mm diameter table, a 100 mm diameter table will be available later this month.

Another special feature of our tables is their compatibility with optomechanical components from catalog providers such as Edmund Optics and Thorlabs, but we also offer an OEM solution for table adaptation. In addition to our site, you can also find our tables on the MEETOPTICS site, where you also have the opportunity to select the right components from both providers. They are also present there.

We also plan to supplement our catalog with products from other providers. Discussions are currently underway with the company “leistungselektronik JENA GmbH”, which has various lighting systems in its range. We would be happy to talk to other suppliers who are interested in placing their products in our catalog.
We want to separate our shop page from our company website in the future and are currently looking for a suitable name (we would be happy to hear any suggestions).
The goal is to expand the catalog to 100 products by the end of the year.

Best regards
Your Optomech GmbH