This week we completed the installation and commissioning of the new CNC lathe CL-1 in our company. From now on, we are able to offer our customers not only assembly but also the production of precision parts.

The innovative CL-1 is a highly compact CNC lathe equipped with an automatic 8-station turret as standard, making it ideal for the production of small parts, used parts or small batches and prototyping of small parts as required in the communications, aerospace, medical and dental industries.

Special features of the Haas – CL-1:

  • Wide range of machining options for materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, etc.
  • Workpiece diameter: From 2 mm to 102 mm
  • Accuracy: More precise than 10 µm
  • Part lengths up to 250 mm
  • Speeds up to 6,000 rpm

The CNC lathe – Haas-CL-1 – has arrived at Optomech !


From November, we will be expanding our range with a new, second milling machine, the Datron Neo!