The company Optomech now offers a precision table with integrated controller.Precision tables at Optomech !The new precision table is easy to commission, intuitive to operate, ultra small (48 mm x 48 mm x 31 mm) as well as wear-free and therefore ideal for high demands on a narrow installation height.

3 different eccentric types are available, which can be combined with various top plates:

  • Eccentric type 1: 0.4 mm translatory movement – 1.0 µm accuracy
  • Eccentric type 2: 0.6 mm translatory movement- 1.5 µm accuracy
  • Eccentric type 3: 1.0 mm translatory movement – 2.5 µm accuracy

On top of that, we also provide the optimally matching accessories.

-> The accessories can be combined with each other to form an X-Y precision table!