Optomech now offers various universal mirror mounts.

Various tension-free mirror mounts at Optomech !

The mirror mount consists of two parts: a lower part made of high-precision manufactured metal with 3-point support and an upper part made of plastic. The plastic part has spring elements that ensure tension-free fastening.

The fact that the mount consists of only one part results in several important advantages over conventional mirror mounts, such as no chain tolerance and thus a high angular accuracy between the mirror surface and the screw-on surface. In addition, it is easy to mount the mirror mount.

Various tension-free mirror mounts at Optomech !

Our mirror mounts are perfectly suited for mirrors from Thorlabs, Qioptic & Edmund Optics.

Different mirror thicknesses – from 1.5 – 7 mm or from 3 – 8 mm – are possible, you can find the matching mirrors e.g. here:


 Coming soon: In the near future we will present our new beam splitters ! >