Optomech is a member of the “Plasma for Life” partnership. This year, Mr. Hermann participated in the GesundheitsCampus in Göttingen for the 9th time in a row.

There were very interesting presentations in the fields of plasma medicine and hygiene, plasma in optics and laser technology, environmental and packaging, and robotics and automation.


He found the following contributions particularly worth knowing:

  • “Improvement of surface quality by plasma application in optics manufacturing”. (Prof. Dr. Gerhard, from HAWK)
  • “Industrial applications of non-thermal plasma technologies in exhaust air purification.” (Dr. Deike Hatscher, from SEID AS (Norway))

Optomech at the 9th PAS of “Plasma for Life” 2023 !

Enclosed is the link to the Movie of our 9th Partnership Symposium of “Plasma for Life”: https://youtu.be/Gwk_VysGIDo

The 10th PAS will take place on 12.09.2024 – We are full of anticipation !