Optomech stages from the Optomech stages family can be connected directly to a computer via a USB cable without a motor controller. Operation is intuitive with the Stage PC software.

Optomech’s Stages can now also be controlled in a user-friendly way without a computer.
The soon-to-be-available motor controller BOX-Control from Optomech can control up to 3 stages simultaneously. The BOX itself is the size of a pack of cigarettes, making it easy to handle from laboratory use to debugging in the field.
There are separate operating elements on the controller for each stage, so that you can move all 3 stages simultaneously. An LED allows you to see directly whether the respective stage is in the reference position or in an end position. You can adjust the travel speed continuously using a built-in rotary control.

Connecting the BOX to the stages is simple and intuitive using the USB cable supplied with the stage. Communication takes place via RS485 without a USB driver, which is why you can connect USB cable extensions without any loss of performance (up to 25 m in total). The BOX is powered by a 12 V DC plug-in power supply included in the scope of delivery.

Last but not least, BOX itself can be connected to a computer via USB and operated with the familiar intuitive Stage PC software from Optomech.
In the Stage PC software, you then have all the same options as if you had connected the stage directly to the computer. The selection of which of the stages connected to the BOX you want to operate is done intuitively via selector switches in the software. The system automatically recognizes whether you have connected a stage directly or via BOX.

Optomech’s stages concept




is extended by our latest product BOX-Control in the Optomech Stages family.